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Colorful: adj. 1. Having striking color. 2. A rich variety; spirited elements.
Easel: n. 1. A solid support for the art.

The mystique of classical paintings from the great masters of oil such as Monet, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, there is something esoteric and deeply engrained in ones psyche about oil paintings.

Each oil painting is painstakingly created by hand with care. It begins with a spark of inspiration, be it a simple flash of color or an elaborate thought. Each layer of oil paint requires several days to cure, but that is how oil paintings shine!

But some paintings are better said with watercolors. There is an alchemy to creating with watercolors. Technical or whimsical, humorous or philosophical, there is a certain magic that only the delicate nature of watercolors can provide.

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Few things in life can make you feel better instantly. Laughter is one of them. The artist at Colorful Easel is a published cartoonist, and the cartoon side of her art had splashed onto the walls for some funny paintings. For the latest humorous paintings at Colorful Easel, visit the Humor Gallery.

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Journal is one of the most important artistic tools that an artist or a musician can have. The artist shares her artistic philosophies, stories, cartoons, sketches, music theories, and basically anything that can inspire you. She has many fun-filled ideas of what will be posted at Colorful Easel, so visit regularly!

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The Art Glossary will help you understand artistic terms, which is updated regularly. If you looking for art techniques, painting lessons, and to find the best art supplies to help you get started in painting or guitar playing, please visit the Resource page.

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Anawanitia Petty (Tia) is a American-born artist, published cartoonist, author and guitar player who resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.