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Colorful: adj. 1. Having striking color. 2. A rich variety; spirited elements.
Easel: n. 1. A solid support for the art.

Welcome to Colorful Easel! Mixing it up with paintings of whismical landscapes, philosophical meanderings, starry skies, and even humorous art that will tickle your funny bone!

The mystique of classical paintings from the great masters such as Monet, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, there is something esoteric and deeply engrained in ones psyche about oil paintings.

But, some stories are better told with the magic of watercolors. Technical or whimsical, humorous or philosophical, there is a certain alchemy that only the fluid nature of watercolors can provide.

Acrylic paints open a whole new world to the modern masters. Sticking to anything and everything, 3D capabilities, robust colors of oil paints, yet can mimic the delicate nature of watercolors… is there anything this medium cannot do?

The Philosophical Gallery portrays ancient philosophies, mysticism, mythology, archaeoastronomy, and esoteric wisdom especially pertaining to firmament of heaven, the stars and sacred geometry.

The Traditional Gallery which contains more vanilla topics such as beautiful landscape paintings and colorful still life.

Laughter is one of the few things in life that can make you feel better instantly. The Humor Gallery is fun for all ages.

• Journal •

Journal is one of the most important artistic tools that an artist or a musician can have. The artist shares her artistic philosophies, stories, cartoons, sketches, music theories, and basically anything that can inspire you. She has many fun-filled ideas of what will be posted at Colorful Easel, so visit regularly!

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The Art Glossary will help you understand artistic terms, which is updated regularly. If you looking for art techniques, painting lessons, and art ideas, please visit the Art Lessons page. The iPad Warrior page are for artists and guitar players looking to make use of their iPad.

• The Artist •

Artist: n. 1. Adept in learned arts. 2. a. Creates imaginative art. b. Skilled in fine art. c. A painter. 3. A musician or performer.

Anawanitia Petty is an American-born artist, author, guitarist and the cartoonist of Snootle ™ and Basil Fuzzybottom ™.