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The mystique of classical paintings from the great masters of oil such as Monet, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, there is something esoteric and deeply engrained in ones psyche about oil paintings.

Each oil painting is painstakingly created by hand with care. It begins with a spark of inspiration, be it a simple flash of color or an elaborate thought. Each layer of oil paint requires several days to cure, but that is how oil paintings shine!

But some paintings are better said with watercolors. There is an alchemy to creating with watercolors. Technical or whimsical, there is a certain magic that only the delicate nature of watercolors can provide. While watercolors do not take as long as oils to create, it is one of the hardest paints to master. Each pigment has its own characteristic, and react differently to water, binder and air. But the results are amazing!

The Art Journal contains articles about painting, techniques and philosophical meanderings. There is an Art Glossary that will help you understand artistic terms, and for students learning the arts. If you looking for paints and equipment to help you get started, please visit the Resource page.


Snootle™ by Tia Petty debuted in 2004 and has two books out, Snootle and Snootle In: How To Treat Your Puppy. It is about a puppy and a garden snake who try to keep their human child from getting into trouble. Petty also has another pet project called Basil Fuzzybottom, which is about a traveling hamster who goes to exotic places for amazing selfies. For the latest cartoons at Colorful Easel, visit the Cartoon section. For everything Snootle, please visit At you will find comics, cartoons, games and coloring pages by the artist of Colorful Esael. The link will open a new tab and take you to Snootle.


The artist believes music is even more of a universal language than art. She has studied classical music, and is proficient at playing guitar. You will find articles that will enrich your life, as well as show you some guitar techniques. Visit Colorful Easel’s Guitar section.


Anawanitia Petty (Tia) is a American-born artist who has been active since the early 1990s, and a published cartoonist since 2002. She also enjoys playing guitar in styles that include Flamenco, classical, surf music and good old fashioned rock n roll.

Petty’s influences include William Blake, Monet, Rembrandt, Christian Lassen, Jim Davis and many anonymous artists that have illuminated codexes and manuscripts throughout history.