Watercolor Sketchbook


Yay! Finally a watercolor sketch that kinda worked! I am using a mixed media sketchbook of questionable quality. I purchased it because it was affordable, and I wanted to abuse it with watercolors and bang out ideas. It was not meant for my type of artistic endevours, however, something that remotely looks good on this type of paper is an accomplishment!

I am just getting back into painting with real paint. For the past couple of years, I had been writing on an iPad exclusively for Snootle cartoons and comics. But, paint calls to me (and to get away from screens as the whole of my existence for a spell).

Yes, it takes a bit to get back into the rhythm of painting. It’s like any other type of discipline, like guitar or piano. Any accomplished player if you take them a way for a month, you will notice the quality! Now take them away for a couple of years, and well, you have to practice, practice, practice. Which is why that little cheap journal comes into play. Dabblin in watercolors! Practice is proving to be fun!