A Gig Bag or A Hardshell Case for Your Guitar

A Hardshell case….

Or a gig bag…..

That is the question.

Fenders of any variety are tanks. 

Gibsons are fragile.

Ibanez range from expensive to very affordable. Some are tanks, and others are fragile. 

It depends on the guitar. Seriously, if you have a Fender guitar of any range, those things are nearly bullet proof, it is hard as hell to even ding them. Which is probably why guitarists like to smash them on stage, to show how strong they are! 

A gig bag is far more comfortable than a hardshell case. 

However. If you purchased a zillion dollar Fender guitar, you may opt for a hardshell case. 

Now, I am kind of bias when it comes to choosing a gig bag over a hardshell case. Too many times a hardshell case has closed too fast by gravity on my poor FINGERS! Yeah, try playing a guitar when your fingers are throbbing in a painful bloody mess! So, I am a gig bag person.

With that said…. If you have a guitar that cost you a fortune, a hardshell case may make you feel a bit more comfortable having it around. Kind of like trying to wear a diamond ring at an industrial job. Yes, the diamond is tougher than nails, but still, there is an element of concern of damaging (or losing) the precious! Or in another instance where you have some guitar that is as fragile as a Gibson of any price range, a gig bag just won’t do. 

There is a certain psychology when it comes to guitar cases. If you place an expensive guitar into a gig bag, people are more likely to play it. Similarly, if you place a Fender Squier or Epiphone into a hardshell velvet case, it will feel more luxurious and as such, people will play it more. 

Are you a gig bag person or a hardshell case person? Comment below.