Affinity Designer for iPad is HERE!

My birthday wish came true and then some!! Affinity Designer is now on iPad, how freaking amazing is this??? Affinity Designer along with Affinity Photo are two professional graphic artist programs that replaces the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and therefore, dodging Adobe’s rental system. 

Not only did Affinity Designer come to the iPad, but my other loved app, Procreate has now added symmetry, among many other goodies which means, it completely replaces my Corel Painter!!! eeeeeeeeee Happy dance! 

Affinity Designer is an illustrator’s best friend. Seriously. Full fledged program now on the iPad! You can sketch in it, create full art, create logos, and designs for clothing and promotional services. 

This program has many different types of export options including the necessary EPS files, as well as PSD, SVG, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF. 

Zoom in as much as you want, and you can customize the brushes to your hearts content! There are more than 100 brushes, and it even has a smear tool! 

Grids, guides, fine tuning, this is FUN! 

So far, it is very quick on my iPad Pro, first generation. I haven’t had one crash or problem.

I’m going to keep you posted, and add more information as the day goes on. So come back for more!


• So what I’m doing today is going to make Snootle, my weekly comic strip, on Affinity Designer. So far, there is a bit of a learning curve, but actually, it’s not that bad. While the colors and my brushes have to be made, Affinity Designer sees my custom fonts, no problem. And at the same time, there are a zillion brushes, so I’m not really going to make any at the moment, just slightly modify some of them as I go. I have a little cheat sheet that was created in Procreate many years ago, so I can just import that and make a Snootle scheme by adding the colors into the palette as they are chosen.

• OK, so there are a some bugs that I’m trying to avoid. Color picker freezes the circle on your picture, but you can still draw around it. It will not go away. There are no undo buttons. You can do a two finger tap in some instances, but not for all tools. I was almost done with my picture, and elements had disappeared, and some were even added!

• I’m not going to be able to draw the Snootle comic on this, this time around. There is huge potential, but some really big bugs. Here is the point that I just stopped, because things disappeared, as well as new items showing up! Some people might work around them. The font colors randomly changed too. But you know, it is the first day!!! Have patience.

I’m going to keep playing around with this, and get used to the format, so that when they fix the issues, I’ll be ready to create some awesome vector images on this!

For more information about Affinity Designer and Photo, visit their website at: