Available Paintings

These are just a few of the artworks available at the new Colorful Easel shop. There are more than a dozen paintings already available that fits all budgets!

This is my favorite painting. The colors are vibrant, and I put my favorite milk snake as the ouroboros, which is my haha, that pays homage to the Milky Way galaxy. An ouroboros has many meanings, in this particular painting, it means wholeness, completion and infinity. Sacred Geometry is another wholeness symbol. And the sun setting or rising depends on how you feel about it. The purple mountains over looks a beautiful green field, and cradles the sun as the stars twinkle good morning or good night.



Adorn your abode with the beauty of flowers that will never wilt! This original oil painting depicts pink Bleeding Heart flowers that gently slope beneath a goregous green vine like little bells.


Become a guitar ace with this beautiful watercolor painting adorned with actual guitar chords you can practice with! Rendered in professional watercolors of deep blues, greens and purples, and contrasted with the curves of a dreadnought acoustic guitar, this picture will be sure to please any guitar player! The painting is landscape 8×10 inches on watercolor paper. Unframed.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork and supporting a working artist. More than a dozen paintings are available at the Colorful Easel Etsy Shop under ‘Available Paintings’. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me, I am friendly! Thank you for your time! 😁

– Tia