State of Mind

Ordinarily, I do not use naughty words, but in this situation, it works very well.

Many artists do not realize that when painting, true feelings and insecurities show in the work like a sore thumb. It is a fact. I was visiting a fellow artist yesterday and was looking through her art work. She had many paintings and most were very good. She was having mental complexes and I was there to help her work through them.

There was one painting that caught my eye like a beacon. The painting was incomplete, but the best I’ve seen her do. I asked her if she said “f” it when she was painting that piece. She said yes, at the time she felt relaxed and didn’t care about the outcome of that painting. I showed her how her lines of this particular piece was absolutely perfect compared to her other works and how the colors harmonized. I then showed her several of her prized pieces where I could see major anxiety in her attempt at perfectionism. The lines of those pieces were jagged, there were feeling of constriction, and her colors were unharmonious. When she saw this she was amazed.

When you approach your own work, you too should have an “f” it mentality, because it puts you into a state of relaxation, and this will enable you to produce better paintings. I saw this in my own work, which is why it was easy for me to see it in her art as well. Most of my strive-for-perfection paintings I threw away because they were not high quality as my own “f” it paintings.