Snootle – A Hare Raising Experience – Comic Draw

Comic Draw by Plasq is an amazing comic artist program on the iPad. It is an all in one system that enables you to sketch, ink, color, shade and write the scripts. While I did run in to some crashes here and there, it auto saves, so I didn’t really have too much trouble.

To begin, you can choose one of the scripts it provides. Now, this program enables you to create full featured comic books, so once you have completed your page, you can add another and another. I’ve successfully put together all of the Snootle books with this program. But, this was my first full start to finish Snootle comic using Plasq.


Then, you begin with drawing. It gives you three pencil choices of red, blue and black. Back in the day, a cartoonist needed a blue pencil called Non-Photo Blue or a red pencil. This enabled the computer scanner to omit those lines, which saved time erasing. You do get a bunch of pencils to play with, so don’t worry about that. All pens and pencils are completely customizable.


The ink layer is in the center at the top, I don’t know why Snootle turned purple. There are many brushes to play with as well, and they too are fully customizable. Here are my favorites:

The script screen.

Now, when you are in the typing area, the last balloon icon at the top, it gives you access to the Scripts. In order to get to the scripts, click on the wrench icon at the top, and click ‘Both’. It will split screen with your image on one side and the scripts on the other. Once you have written a script, you can drag and drop into the balloons and boxes. The balloons and boxes, and pretty much everything in this app is fully customizable.

When you have completed the comic, click wrench icon to get to the tool box, then you have the option to send the whole document or share a single page. You can send it in the following formats:


Also, there are dozens of fun things with this app, and it is great to use as a newsletter tool as well. And you can export it in print quality (press ready) PDFs. They look fantastic!

Click below to see the two look at the Snootle books that are in print using ComicDraw available on