Art News for Dec. 6, 2018

• 53 Paintings of the Seattle Viaduct
For some artists, the muse comes from scholarly research, religious beliefs, beautiful landscapes or painting nude ladies, but for one woman, it comes from grim weather, concrete, and pipes beneath a viaduct.

• Luxury and Art in Hawaii
As if the beautiful landscapes is not enough to entice you to visit Hawaii, apparently, it is a happening island for art and wine.

• Hottest Art is also the largest glass sculpture

• Paula Henderson Explores the Social Constructs
Remember the adage “Science assures and art disturbs?”

• Fashion, Food and Art at this Florida Fest
What more can you want in fun? Maybe some music?

• Art, Cartoons, Strange Photographs in New York This Week

• Petroglyphs depicts advanced astronomy
Right up this artist’s alley!

• Best Art of 2018 – New York, the art capitol of the United States
Anyone else beg to differ?