Expression, Progression and Discovery

As a child, I remember my progression as an artist. I was given a doodle pad and a pencil. (I still have the doodle pad.) And that’s all the material I used for a spell. Then it became complicated. It started with simple pencils, then moved on to ink, then crayons, then watercolor boxes, then paint-by-numbers, then fine watercolor tubes and pans, then pastels, then charcoal, then pen and ink, then tempera, then and finally acrylic paint. Most people move on to oils, or stay with watercolors, or even the pencils. But it doesn’t matter what the binder is, it is your feelings that count. Your emotional content of the imagery. How do you feel about your images you produce? What are you trying to convey to every onlooker? What feelings are you trying to induce? Are you merely expressing yourself? Or are you searching for something? Art is not so much about expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.