Fun With Acrylics

Have fun and find out what you can use to create great paintings! Acrylic paints give endless amount of experimental ideas. Acrylics are so versatile you can paint them on almost anything, you can stick things to them to make a collage and you can paint over mistakes! Below is a list of fun ideas you can use. Remember though, many dyes and materials are not as permanent as acrylics, and may fade or deteriorate over time.

• Wax (wax resist techniques)

• Ink, lotsa fun with the wax resist technique. (Try painting, then wash the entire picture with ink, wait about 3 minutes, then drench the picture with water, to get back some of the image, WOW!)

• Salt (use while acrylics are wet creates pretty neat textures)

• Forks, knives, spoons and other cutlery (lightly graze the surface of your paints on the canvas)

• Sand (add to paint for grainy textures)

• Rubbing alcohol for strange effects

• Remember acrylic is plastic, with enough of it, you can stick whatever you want to it. Little toys, jewelry, broken pottery, gems, rocks, beads, food, magazine cutouts, fabric, it’s limitless, especially if you live near a craft store.

• Crayons, same as wax resist techniques, but with color.

• Colored pencils

• Make stencils

• Sponges

• old inking stamps

• Paint rollers

• Bubble wrap (place on wet paint)

• Plastic wrap (place on wet paint and crinkle it around)

• Tin foil (place on wet paint, or add for shiny effects)

• Think POUR, DRIP, SCRAPE, WASH, DYE, SCRUB, TEAR, DAB, PUSH, PULL, PAINT, (insert effect here).

• Fabrics for gluing in or use of grainy texture

• Masking tape is your best friend when it comes to sharp edges and masking small areas.

• Mind your colors!

• Soap!!! Soap gives fun strange effects

Chicken feathers

• Toothbrushes

• Crush eggshells and put them in the paints