App Scrap

My favorite iPad apps.

With my writings on the iPad Warrior series, there is a bit of warning. Apps get scrapped frequently. So be very wary about giving your hard earned money an app, you need to think about number one, and how it will affect your projects in both the short run and the long run. How much time do you have to invest to learn the program in the first place? How will it help your projects? Is there a way to export it to something other than the given app extension, can the projects be used with other apps? Can I save it to my computer? Can I save it to an external hard drive?

Look for a few things before you invest your time and money. One, how long has the app been around, see if you can talk to the developers and ask what their future outlook is; two, when was it last updated, has it been more than three months; and three, read the reviews, learn which people are wearing rose colored glasses and which are genuinely using the product for actual projects, and which complaints are just buyers remorse, and which genuinely have a gripe.

There have been several apps that I came to depend on, and they were removed from the app store, or are no longer updated. Remember Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas? They were great programs. One day, one Apple update, poof, gone. Pinnacle Pro, a movie editing software by Corel Inc. It hadn’t been updated in two years! Now, the word on the street it is being called Luma Fusion and selling for $20. So be forewarned, your $20 and future movie projects might have to migrate over to the next best thing in a year or so. Outline which was an answer to OneNote that can be saved to your iPad (which OneNote doesn’t allow), the developer said it is stagnant and they have no plans to add features or update. Boo.

So now Adobe announced that they will have Photoshop on the iPad. Do you think for one minute I am going to jump on that bandwagon after the first several stints? Probably not.

Now, the apps that Apple makes, at least give you a month or so warning when they decide to scrap an app. Furthermore, many of the native apps are pretty fantastic. I invested in Jamup Pro, Audiobus, Amplitube, X-Drummer, among other music apps. But look at how Garageband came of age! That app replaced them all! It is dependable, it works with other music apps, it records, and best of all, NO CONSTANT UPSELLING, holy cats that bugs me. Have you ever tried to use Amplitube or Jamup these days? Just $4.99 for more tools, just $9.99 for a recorder pack, $2.99 more for this missing pedal! Oh and if you act now… 

If you like Microsoft, they are reliable apps. OneNote keeps getting better and better. With that said, you can’t export OneNote files anymore at least not with the free version, nor can you save the files to your iPad or computer. Also, keep in mind that Microsoft reads everything you say and do, and Apple does not. Pages and Apple Notes are also pretty reliable and great, but not as feature rich as Microsoft. 

iCloud and One Drive are different stories, so keep copies of your work off line, save it to your iPad, computer and an external hard drive. I’ve had data lost from both of those services in the past two years; so be careful.

Where are your files going to be five years from now, twenty year from now? I still have files from my first computer from 1998 which was a Compaq Presario, which works just fine on my iPad now even in Pages. Pretty amazing.