Acrylic Personality

Acrylic painting by Anawanitia Petty

Acrylics are not oils. Acrylics are not watercolors. Acrylics are not gouache. Sometimes those obvious facts need to bear repeating. There are techniques you can use to create similar effects to those paints, but once you understand that acrylics are acrylics, your paintings will shine. Compare an acrylic painting to an oil painting. Just any old painting. (In person.) You will see a difference. Oils are buttery and juicy looking.  Watercolors have a wispy colorful appearance. Gouache has a very flat feel. Acrylics have a nice crisp and solid feel to them. Acrylics can be thinned to the consistency of watercolors, but the vibrancy, even with the mediums pales in comparison to a beautiful watercolor painting. Play around and discover acrylic paint has its own beauty that shines.

It is the chameleon of paint. It is the modern paint. Artists love them. Art collectors are warming up to them. Just have some fun and paint!