Werner’s Nonmenclature of Colours

This book, Werner’s Nonmenclature of Colours was written by Patrick Syme. He was a painter to the Wenerian and Caledonian Horticultural Societies.

The book was printed in London in 1821. It was scanned by the people of Archive.org for your reading pleasure.

While it is outdated in many ways, particularly most of the pigments have been replaced in artists’ paint boxes with modern pigments, it is still a pleasurable read. The book consists of about 80 pages, most of which are color swatches with brief mixing instructions of each pigment.

You can read this book on Archive.org.

Anawanitia’s journal of colors

I think this is a fantastic idea to emulate in your own art journal. Do it a little different, anything that matches what you feel you need to remember, such as add the actual pigment names, maybe a brief story and history of each pigment, but that’s just me. In my old journal, I write about how each pigment does with different types of medium, about characteristics, what I like and hate about it, and any other notes I can think of.