Gibson SG Special

Gibson SG Special
Lil’ Dragon

Fender Stratocaster gal goes Gibson

For nearly a decade I have been practically married to a Fender Stratocaster. It however, was a dream of mine to own a guitar that had humbuckers and was made in the USA. Particularly one with some bass to it. Trying to get a Strat to have some bass is like trying to get a dog to meow!

Since all models of Fender guitars even the foreign ones have gone into the stratosphere in pricing, I looked towards Gibson. The Les Pauls were a bit too heavy, but the SGs were perfect. The Gibson SG Special was very affordable, made in the U.S.A., and actually less than the cost of the new 2019 Fender Strats that are made in Mexico.

At first glance, the Gibson SG is a bit less wholesome looking than a stratocaster, even sinister! The guitar is a bit rough around the edges, the mahogany gives a scale-like appearance. And for that, my new guitar is named Lil’ Devil. (Update – I changed it to Lil’ Dragon😁). 

I was a bit apprehensive about the SG because I know it is going to change my sound, and every bit the way I play. No more tremolo or airy high notes, which I do love. Also, I read about the quality of Gibson had gone down over the years. 

But, I won’t have to worry about dealing with tremolo system. That right there is worth it.

OK, I’m ready for this change!  

So I received my guitar today, April 5, 2019, and played it for hours, adjusted the bridge, tuned it up, played each and every note possible. It is a 2018 Gibson SG Special. So, the verdict is it is a great guitar!

With that said, I can see one thing that would piss off a Gibson purist, the neck isn’t flush with the body, which leaves a little shelf in the back, which is very painful if you hit those corners. But that is the only thing I can see at this point that would irritate people. Furthermore, the action is higher than most other guitars due to the nut, even after lowering the bridge. 

None of those facts bothers me. It plays well, and the the frets aren’t slicing fingers to a bloody mess as badly as they used to do several years ago on older models, and it sounds fantastic!

All in all, the Gibson SG Special is definitely a fun guitar, and look forward to playing it for years to come!

Happy day!