Hummingbird-Oil Painting Lesson

Underpainting of Bogart the hummingbird.

Bogart is a little hummingbird that lives in a bush next to the backdoor of our house. We named him Bogart because he fights other male hummingbirds for the two hummingbird feeders. He has been a permanent resident of our household for about two years now.

For the color palette, I used the following:

Anawanitia’s palette of colors for the hummingbird painting.

Titanium-Zinc White PW4 and PW6
Hansa Yellow Medium PY74
Yellow Ochre PY42
Burnt Umber PBr7
Bright Red (Pyrrole Red) PR254
Phthalo Blue PB15:2
Ultramarine Violet PV15

In order to get the paint to dry quickly, I used a touch of Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid. Seriously, the whole painting used about a .05 ounces of fluid.

In this painting, I started with Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre and Titanium-Zinc White.

First layer of color, over the underpainting.

The second layer consists of Phthalo Blue, White and Hansa Yellow Medium.

For brushes, at this point in time, just use what ever works for you. In my whole life of painting, I have only found one brush that doesn’t drive me insane, Winsor &. Newton Series 7, No.2. It works for oils and watercolors perfectly; but holy cats, it’s been nothing but brutal fights with me and every other artist brush that came into my life.

The hummingbirds are so funny, they will come right up to my husband and beep at him until he fills the feeders. If we are inside, they will go to any open window and start complaining.

Bogart the Hummingbird, on the easel, work in progress.

The colors used in the hummingbird were White, Red, Blue, Ultramarine Violet and Yellow.

Bogart has a family of about seven hummingbirds. These are called Anna’s Hummingbirds.

I have to wait until the image dries before I fix the background a little more, and add the final sparkles. It should be tomorrow.

Bogart the Hummingbird

I’d better call this complete before I over work the painting. Yes, there are errors, but overworking is worse than constantly fixing a painting.