Bogart The Hummingbird Oil Painting

Bogart the Hummingbird, oil on canvas by Anawanitia

Title: Bogart the Hummingbird
Artist: Anawanitia
Medium: Oil
Size: 9×12 inches
Support: Stretched Canvas
Completed: July 26, 2019

Bogart is a little hummingbird that is a permanent resident of our backyard, along with his family. We named him Bogart because he keeps all other families of hummingbirds away from the two hummingbird feeders.

When he or his family are hungry and the feeders are empty, they will fly to an open window and let us know by chirping at us. When my husband brings out the feeders, they will land on them before he even hangs them up!

Bogart and his family are called Anna’s Hummingbirds, they are year round birds in the North-West. They are bold, beautiful, and very friendly. A complete joy to have around.