Guitar Talk on an Art Website?

Lil’ Dragon, Anawanitia’s Gibson SG guitar.

Why Do I Talk About Guitars on An Art Website?

The short answer is that music is an art. You’d be hard pressed to find any music book that did not compare sounds with colors. The Arts commonly refers to artists, musicians, actors and dancers. In any dictionary, a musical performer or musician is also referred to as an ‘artist.’

Over the years of painting and playing guitar, I find that many artists play the guitar, and at the same time, many guitar players draw and paint. I love guitars as much as painting. They are both my passions. You can say that I am a Colorful Artist fulfilling an  artistic niche.

But this website is called “Colorful Easel”. Yes. Yes, it is. Colorful also means a wide variety. I have to prop up my music books and iPad on something, why not my easels? An easel is a solid support for the arts. 😁 

Colorful Easel is Mixing It Up! You will find articles about fine art, music, digital art, humor and more. It encompasses all I like to do as an artist.

Gibson SG oil painting by Anawanitia
Gibson SG oil painting by Anawanitia

For my guitaristic brushes, I use a very basic tool, a Gibson SG Special, it is one of the most affordable American made guitars. I named it Lil’ Dragon. It has an incredible sound! For a rather budget guitar, the sound is that of a $2,000 guitar easy, in fact, the Gibson Mini Humbuckers that is generally found in a Gibson Firebird are featured in this guitar. The guitar is not polished, has a very thin finish, does not have the fretboard binding, which makes it very easy to take care of. The people at Gibson said that all I have to do is wipe it down with the cloth it comes with, and maybe once a year use some Gibson Fretboard Conditioner.

This little Gibson SG is in a heritage cherry red finish, my most favorite color of all. I love the pearl-like inlays, the beautiful pickup silver caps and the simplicity of it all, it’s like in-between Indian Red and Venetian Red. Basically, a beautiful old-world color.

These mini humbuckers are a little snappier than the larger Humbuckers. It provides luscious highs, beautiful mid-range, and just enough bass.

The only things I don’t like about the Gibson SG Special, is the lack of tremolo bar and the ability to stay in tune for long periods of time, (both of which I’m totally teary-eyed missing from my old Fender Stratocaster).

Boss ME-80
Boss ME-80 multi-effects guitar pedal

If you have seen my two paint boxes that are pretty much everywhere on this website, you will notice that both of them are complete studios in a box—one is for small portable studio, and the other can do it all. I view the canvases as my amplifier and my guitar as the brushes. The Boss ME-80 is a multi effects box for the guitar, which is a small studio in a box with large palette of colors. I can really produce colorful sounds with those tools.

💕 Anawanitia