Mini Canvas Show

Mini Canvas Show

Mini canvases.

I haven’t done an art show since 2012, and am preparing myself to get back into the art game. 

Here is the lesson, folks, if you move to a major artist town such as Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington or the like, be prepared to fight to be seen. You’ll fight your way in to the galleries, fight your way into the shows, the markets and the walls of coffee shops and pubs. The artists in a town where there are more artists than any other occupation, are ruthless. Seriously, I’ve had my art ripped off of the wall, stolen, destroyed, received horrible texts from other artists—it’s the Wild, Wild West for sure, and the art collectors were not much friendlier. At that point, when a city is so saturated with artists, it brings out the worst in people, both the artists, the art enthusiasts and the collectors.

Art show at a pub in Portland.

Because I enjoy painting the night sky, and a painting contains a constellation or two, or anything remotely resembling the constellations in the zodiac, it rattles people, so I understand. But that is why I have several different styles of painting, so the sensitive people can enjoy a hummingbird or Snootle, while the people who enjoy pondering the universe can enjoy my more philosophical works.

It was such a horrible experience over those dozens of years, that I stopped doing art shows and focused more toward in person and online sales. At one point for a few years, I decided to stop painting all together to focus on my comic strip, Snootle™. It’s hard to piss off people with a cute dog cartoon. The worst reaction I got was “meh, I don’t like comics,” which I can totally handle. The results of those years were two amazing family-friendly books called Snootle and Snootle In: How To Treat Your Puppy, and a second cartoon called Basil Fuzzybottom™.

While I am proud of those accomplishments, my entire being is ready to get back onto the art horse. I have been wanting since pretty much childhood is to paint during the day and play guitar at night. We live in a new hometown, and this town is art starved. I think the abuse will be much more bearable here. 

So I purchased two canvases for The Mini Canvas Show, which has to be completed and turned in by September 9th at the Art Department in Salem. If there are any other artists around here reading my blog; the requirements are two mini canvases from Art Alternatives purchased from their store, they are a little more than $2 each. You can have two canvases. Well, here is the scan for the full information: 

Mini Canvas Show entry information, Salem.

The reception is on October 2 from 5 to 7 p.m. and prizes will be handed out by the Art Department.

Actual size of one of the mini canvases, wish me luck!

Now, making a comeback with this art show might be seen as a very tiny baby step due to the itty bitty canvas sizes, but painting on mini canvases, is a huge task! I generally paint on two canvas sizes, 18 inches by 24 inches and 9 inches by 12 inches, and I find them both fairly small for what I like to create. So, putting my ideas on a canvas that is 3 inches by 3 inches, is going to be a challenge. I have several ideas and will update this with the finished products at a later date.

Update: This is one of the finished paintings for the show.

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day by Anawanitia, oil on canvas

Title: Sunshine On A Cloudy Day
Artist: Anawanitia
Size: 3.5 by 2.5 inches
Support: Stretched Canvas
Medium: Oil

This is the first sunflower that grew in our back yard this year. So pretty, sunny, it will cheer anyone up. This is a tiny oil painting, smaller than a cell phone at three and a half inches tall and two and a half inches wide.

😁 Anawanitia