Watercolor Paint Swatch Book

One of the watercolor books you can purchase is called Peerless Watercolor Complete Edition Book. The idea behind this novelty is that you have 15 watercolor colors imbedded on sheets of paper. Watercolor paper pans. The watercolors are highly pigmented, so a little scrub with your paint brush goes a long way. 

But there are million reasons this is more of a novelty than for use in practical watercolor painting. For instance, it does not come with a mixing palette. Their solution is to cut a piece of all the colors you want and put them onto your own palette. Groan. 

But! You can put a piece of acetate in the book. Make a little pouch with an envelope, and put the acetate in there, remove it when you need a palette. Or, perhaps a better idea is to take the acetate and use a durable tape to stick on the inside front cover (or back cover if you are left handed).

Make it in such a way that you can fold the acetate out of the book and hold it with your thumb. That idea will keep the acetate from getting lost, or trying to find a place to put it, but it will be in the perfect spot for color mixing, while flipping through the book.

For the brushes, the best idea is to use the water brushes, you know, the ones where the water is in the handle? Those are fantastic on-the-go brushes. 

If you want to carry the book around with you, you have to keep turning the pages to get to the color you want to pick up next for your painting. That is tedious. 

If you spill water onto the book, it could end in ruining the book altogether. Careful.

With all that said, and although it is a complete novelty and completely impractical, it is FUN. I don’t know why, but it is FUN.  

Perhaps it is because I absolutely love paint journals, and this is the watercolor journal of watercolor paper pans, and you can make really beautiful art with it. I don’t know how else to explain that. 

I wonder if I can make my own. How do they do it? I wonder if I can make a sheet with my favorite colors and keep one in each of my journals for extreme convenience? 

Of course you can! Remember those cute little colored dots that Daniel Smith sells for like $6 for 66 colors on a couple of sheets of watercolor paper? If you have tube paint, you can do this. But remember, if you have the watercolors with honey in them, like M. Graham paint, you won’t be able to do it. I regrettably only use watercolor sticks, so am unable make these swatches. But you can if you have the tubes! 

I do however have some M. Graham gouache, which I had noticed that one drop goes forever on my pan, and regardless of the honey, dries perfectly, and can be used until it is gone. Yes, I think I’m falling in love with that product, but that is for another post.