Finding Your Artistic Path

I’ve had many, many different artist blogs in the past. Not that it is difficult to stick with one blog, I change my blog to fit the the times. Honestly, who remembers Yahoo GeoCities? Haha. I was stumbling around my old posts that I keep on my computer, and found this one, which I feel is still relevant today.

When one thinks of art and of being an artist,  images of Picasso, Monet, and other prominent artists come to mind. The fortune and fame of art. The art path to New York and classy openings. Now, some of you artists will one day have this glamour. Kudos! However, others, the more quiet artists, will toil and scrape every last paint they have on their palette as an unknown artist. This is not necessarily a bad thing, by any means! It depends on what you want out of life and art. 

There are plenty of unknown artists that have a successful career. For example, name any one animator from Disney or  Warner Brothers.  Name the artist who designed your jacket. Name the artist who drew the architecture of your abode. Name any one artist who drew the storyboards of your favorite movies. Name the graphic artist who embellished your tissue box. You probably cannot name any one of these artists, however you do know that these are professional artists,  right? 

So why not you? You can be a successful artist.  You just have to know what you want, and strive.

Ask yourself, why did you choose to become an artist? What makes you tick? Is it the exhilaration of trying to be the best and most famous artist?  Is it for the pleasure of smearing paint on canvas to tickle your eyeballs?  Do you want to earn money painting? Is painting a spiritual journey? Could you be happy creating artwork digitally? Be truthful with your answers and about what you truly want, no matter how big it is. I hope this helps you on your artistic journey.