Comic Book Art

Giant ogre by Tia. First attempt.

I am trying my hand as a comic book colorist. While I had done complete comic strips before, namely Snootle Comics, comic books is a whole new world. I love the coloring aspect, and the inking and helping the different stories come alive.

The above is my character of an giant ogre, as I needed some work to show that didn’t involve other people’s work (namely a pencil artist and/or an inker). Pencils needs some work, but it is my first one. Well, maybe not the first, I played around with a space concept a few months ago, which is more of an illustration.

Disco Space Girl by Tia

There is a fine line between illustration and comics, really. Illustrating is more of a thought process of realizing your or someone else’s dream for one image. A comic, be it a comic strip or book, is a thought process for each character, background (both character development and landscapes) as well as a storyline that involves all of the characters. The characters in an illustration is just one pose. A comic requires you to create each character in all poses such as from top view, front, back sides, sitting, standing, running, etc.

Comic books if done professionally, require at least two people. The idea is that you want a 20 page comic book done in one month from aha to completion. Generally, from what I am learning, there is a writer, a penciler, an inker, a colorist and a letterer. Lately, I have been doing the job as the colorist.

Coloring a comic. As of yet, I do not know who the penciler or inker is. I do know who the writer is (the boss). This is just an very small example of my color work for a full-fledge comic.

The job of a colorist seems to come natural for me, personally. It is pure enjoyment. The above image is a small sampling of my coloring work for an actual comic, which will be announced once it is published.

For coloring, I used an iPad Pro using Procreate. It has been a little buggy today, but the iPad just updated. There are other apps that will work just fine, such as Comic Draw and Medibang Paint. If you are just starting out, I suggest using Medibang Paint because it is a free program that is available on all platforms. They get their money through ads on the program itself. I wish they had a paid version, but they swear by this free with ads monetization.

Playing around with the line art on my ogre.

The beauty of comic art, is that you can experiment, and play around with any idea you like. In this picture I tried some white line art behind the ogre, then added shading behind that to make it look like a three dimensional sticker.

Fairy and the Oak, digital art by Anawanitia