New Painting In Process Called Piercing The Darkness

Sketch for Piercing the Darkness, by Anawanitia

Every idea goes in stages from the thumbnail sketch to the finished painting. It can take days or weeks, depending on how fast I can get the paint to dry between layers. 

This new picture I am working on in oil is called Piercing The Darkness. It is very different from what I ordinarily do. 

Artists are encouraged by educators and gallerists to put their emotional troubles on canvas, which is why you get so many painting these days that are just a complete assault on your eyeballs. Since Picasso, artists have a choice, to paint beautifully or paint ugly. 

I am for beauty and inspiration. In this painting, it is going to be about anxiety and fear, but it is going to be playful, joyous, with a story that tells of a beautiful pegasus that battles the evil darkness. 

At this point, I had worked out the thumbnail sketches, and the final digital sketch (at the top) that helps visualize my final picture.

Thumbnail sketches for Piercing the Darkness by Anawanitia

Today is October 16, 2019, and will update this post until the picture is completed. 

Today is October 30, 2019, it is the first time since the 16th that I got to work on this painting. I have been working on the underpainting today. This took one hour, it is not yet complete. My hand hurts.

Near complete underpainting of Piercing the Darkness

More updates coming soon.