Mental Mixing For Practice

Limited palette.

When you learn how to see color clearly, and know which color mixes what, you will begin to do that with everything you see around you. This is an exercise that will help you. 

Spread out your colors tubes in front of you as though they were piano keys. This should also be the layout order you use on your palette. (Whatever order you prefer).

The colors should be red, blue, violet, yellow, brown and white.

The first thing you see, mentally mix it and touch the paint as you do so with a brush. For example if you are looking at a clock, what color is it is hands are they black or gold? Is it brown and blue mixed to make a black? Is it yellow and violet (cool red) and white to make gold tones? Touch all the colors with a brush you would use to create your clock hands. If it is digital, what color are the numbers? Red? What color red? A bit of Cadmium Red Light and Quinacridone Violet? Touch them both.

Do this exercise for a little while each day. Go to different rooms and whatever you lay your eyes on mentally mix the colors. It will eventually become habitual and you will mentally color mix everything. Thus this exercise results in you memorizing your palette.