An beloved old sewing box with acrylics.

Acrylic paints. If there ever was a medium, this is it. If you only have a budget to get one type of paint, and you have many ideas, painting with acrylics are for you. You can paint photo realism, impressionistic, abstract, or whatever else your heart desires. You can get the wispy watercolor nature or you can build up and stick things in the paint and make it three dimensional. Whatever you choose to do, you can achieve it with acrylics.

It is becoming more and more popular for artists to use acrylics. Acrylics are easy to use, and have very few learning curves. One such curve is they dry quickly, but this is easy to get around. Just mist the palette before applying the paint, then mist the paint, then mist the surface of the canvas. Careful not to place too much water on the canvas, as you will inevitably get runny paint. Make sure, if nothing else, to wet your brush before use.

Acrylics has many different mediums to use. You can choose to you all of them, or choose to use none of them. It’s up to you, acrylic paints work well straight out of the tube.

Painting with acrylics can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In Learn Acrylics in Five Days you will learn how to create a few paintings, and learn how to make many more. You will learn which materials you need, and how to save money.

Although drawing is best to know, you can get by with the method shown in Learn Acrylics in Five Days.

Acrylics are extremely convenient when you have little time to paint. It dries faster than watercolor painting, and is less runny. You can take your paints out side for landscapes. This is a fun activity because acrylic paints provide instant gratification. You can erase with titanium white for the most part, but it is not as opaque as the manufacturers make it out to be. The best way to erase is to remember how you mixed the color next to the one you are erasing. It is easy to do when you know your colors. And with the Learn Acrylics in Five Days Anti-Color wheel method, accurate color mixing just got easier.

Acrylics can mimic watercolors and oils, however, acrylic paint has it’s own beauty and wonderful characteristics that are unmatched by any other medium. Some manufacturers will add agents to the mix to make it matte, glossy, as well as thicker and thinner. I find the manufacturers that do not had more than what is necessary to be the best to work with, as you get to choose what you want to do with the paint. Manufacturers like Golden Acrylics. Golden acrylics provide you with all the mediums so you can choose what to do with your art. Mediums to make the paint matte, glossy, thick, three dimensional, syrupy, sandy, jelly, and cracking. You can make portraits, landscapes, photo realistic paintings, block up to three dimensional space, you can achieve impressionistic paintings, and anything else you can imagine. Delicate swaths of colors is achievable with just a touch of water and some fluid extender. Make a painting like the old masters by glazing layers with a glazing medium, or without medium, find the paints that are transparent like phthalocyanines. Using the medium however, will make all the paints uniform to each other, as pigments vary in gloss all the way to grainy matte like Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue.

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