Paint Moods

It is funny that moods determine which type of paint I use. When it is sunny and I’m happy, I want my  watercolor box. Perhaps it reminds me of when I was a kid and playing with the children’s Prang watercolor set on a warm summer day. I love watercolors, they are free form, beautiful, and you can do almost anything with them. Have you ever seen a Winslow Homer watercolor painting? 

It actually took about three years to find the perfect watercolor set up. Trial and error, and error, and error. Well actually it was lightfast and color shift tests that were so time consuming. There were hundreds of paints to choose from as well as dozens of manufacturers. Took months of research to find which pigments were the best for watercolors. Killed a few paintings with my incorrect guesses too. That will be another post.

I finally settled on a watercolor box tin that filled with twelve Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks. These sticks were cut to fit large watercolor pans. I really love those colors.

When I am in a get-it-done mood, acrylics are the paint of choice. Acrylics can be thinned down to watercolor consistency or used as acrylics. No, they do not compare to the beauty of oil paints when oils are used correctly, however, they do have a certain beauty that cannot compare to either of the other two mediums.

When I am in an esoteric mood, my studio is filled with old books of art, astronomy (don’t judge, Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, so those 18th century books are accurate again, haha), archaeology, geology, philosophy and history. Oils fit perfectly in this setting. It is laid back, slow and methodical, and perfection is the goal on the canvas. These times are my favorite. I’ll sit back at my French Easel, listen to classical music, sip wine and paint. (I know, you are not supposed to drink or eat while painting due to the toxicity of some of the supplies, but come on, I wanna live a little.)