Art Adventure – Ark of the Covenant Painting Process 1 of 3

Sunday, January 26, 2020…

This week’s painting is the story about the Ark of the Covenant. When I, as many, think of the Ark, it conjures up Indiana Jones, and adventurous archaeology. But, after actually reading about the ark, it is far more mysterious and beautiful.

Ark of the Covenant sketches for painting by Anawanitia

When I approach my ‘masterpieces’ it is different from observational paintings. Many of my masterpieces require research, which can possibly take weeks or even months to do. I’ve taken about a week of research for this piece, and now the process of imagery will begin.

I begin with sketches and layouts of the image. These above are called ‘thumbnail sketches’. It helps with the composition, as well as lights and dark areas of the painting.

Next I begin to work with paint. Most artists will sketch out their image on the canvas. I do not work like that, unless it is an extremely technical piece, such working on sacred geometry. This piece will be more painterly.

Work in progress, Ark of the Covenant.

It might get more elements in the main picture, but today, is the work out, so to speak. So follow along with me on this art adventure!