Art Adventure – Griffin No. 2

Griffin drawing by Anawanitia

At this point of researching and drawing, I’m not sure which half of the griffin is the evil part. Seriously. Who doesn’t like eagles or lions? I’ve been sketching out different variations of the griffin for the past two days now. I am almost satisfied with this one, but the position is still a little boring. 

I can tell you for sure, that the story of the one-eyed people called the Arimaspians has gotten me curious. Perhaps there is a painting. Those people were the enemies of the griffin, as stated in the first post. One-eyed people. Where they the cyclops? In one map, at the very top part is where these folks lived. There is noted that the Amazons also lived in that area. 

At what point, however, does a fine art painting become a fantasy painting or just an illustration? 

Now, the purpose of this charcoal drawing isn’t to show some extraordinary masterpiece in charcoal, but rather, help to bring the idea to life. If I cannot see the image in my brain, I cannot possibly draw it. Sketching out the griffin in several different ways helps solidify where the painting is going.

I am thinking that after looking at my sketch, that a couple of my books has a more aesthetically and artistically accurate description of a griffin. It states that the griffin has a head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.

To have talons in the front would make the creatures more bird than a lion. If it had the body of a lion and the wings, head and top of the back of an eagle, it would be exactly half and half.

Furthermore, the bird would hurt its claws because it would never be able to perch!

Continuing to draw…