Life Eternal

Life Eternal, oil painting by Anawanitia


Title: Life Eternal
Artist: Anawanitia
Medium: Oil
Size: 9 inches by 12 inches
Support: Stretched canvas
Not framed

This is my favorite painting. The colors are vibrant, and I put my favorite milk snake as the ouroboros, which is my haha, that pays homage to the Milky Way galaxy. An ouroboros has many meanings, in this particular painting, it means wholeness, completion and infinity. Sacred Geometry is another wholeness symbol. And the sun setting or rising depends on how you feel about it. The purple mountains over looks a beautiful green field, and cradles the sun as the stars twinkle good morning or good night. 

The symbol of the ouroboros is a snake or serpent eating its own tail and has many meanings. In this original oil painting, the ouroboros symbolize eternity of one is all and all is one in the universe. The meaning of this painting is upheld by the use of the use and the sacred geometry in which both emphasizes the meaning of life. The sun represents life, death and rebirth via the sun rising and setting. The sacred geometry represents the Flower of Life to which all things can be created. 

About the artist 

Anawanitia is an American artist of the Northwest. Her oil paintings depict beautiful landscapes, starry skies, philosophy, symbology, sacred geometry and still life. 


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