Red Tape

Red Tape by Anawanitia

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Title: Red Tape
Artist: Anawanitia
Medium: Red duct tape on stretched canvas
Size: 10 inches by 8 inches
Date: Feb. 13, 2020
Signed: on back
Not framed

I struggled with this piece. On the surface and my artistic principle, the art is garbage and was laughing all day about it. I feel that modern art and contemporary art is, at many times, a stupidity test. But then I began thinking about why I created it in the first place.

On the artistic meaning of this artwork, the piece represents restriction. Red tape keeps people from reaching their goals and dreams, and causes mankind as a whole to keep from reaching its potential. If art such as this is restricted, then thought, therefore is also restricted, and thought is the first step in any type of creation.

Back in the old days, artists were not free to experiment, they were told to paint one way only—can you imagine how awful that would be? Probably as bad as this art.

When I first thought of creating this art, it was humorous, because it was how I feel when it comes to my art—very restricted. I cannot paint when there is red tape on my canvas. All my art career people feel the need to tell me how to paint and what to paint—do this, don’t do that, oh my why??? WHY?? Destroy that painting!

While I firmly believe that art should be created to benefit mankind, I also feel like we are going backwards, as well as becoming too restrictive, and this piece embodies those ideas.

And, isn’t that the whole principle of art these days? To get people to think, feel, and to convey ideas?

If anything, Red Tape allowed me to let off some steam and do something absurd, and out of my character. People always tell me, try something different.