Chroma Atelier Interactive Artist’s Acrylics

Chroma Atelier Interactive Artist’s Acrylics, photo from

Chroma Atelier Interactive Artist’s Acrylics will be great for some artists. They give you a generous supply of paint in their 80 ml plastic tubes. Those artists whom are experimental with mediums will love this paint. All of their claims are true, however, be sure to read the labels closely. Chroma does use high quality pigments and has excellent support.

The purpose of the Chroma Acrylics is to give artists more time to blend and work their paints. You can dry it in about 20 minutes of sunshine or use a dryer to dry quicker.

Out of the tube, this paint felt like normal acrylics and dried to a satiny matte finish. The paints passed the allergy test, I used my own skin, it did not itch or show any sign of irritation (used violet, blue and white for this test, no cadmium on the skin for obvious reasons. I was testing the binder). They passed the odor test. The paints did not have a strong odor. You have to get your nose up to it to smell anything. They blend well, and can be resurrected with water from a dry state. Do not use a cloth to do this, use a brush. I found that using a cloth, like a paper towel creates crumbs, lumps and beads. You’ll need to learn how to use the mediums if you want to use this paint for your art.

Creating pictures straight from the tubes, the paints are a bit moody for my liking, you have to find its correct thickness when painting this way. Air holes develop if you use too much paint, and bubbles if you use too much water. Thinning it down and plumping it up with the proper medium will help in this department.

All in all, when you learn how to use Atelier Interactive Acrylics and its mediums, you might find it is the right medium for you.