Art Adventure – Griffin No. 3

Drawing the Griffin by Anawanitia

So after many, many failed attempts at physically drawing out thumbnails and drawings of the griffin, I took a break from it for about a week because my brain was fried.

Various drawings and thumbnail ideas that were archived for future reference.

Although I had completed many sketches, they all looked a little too cartoony, and sometimes just down right funny. I know my husband had a few laughs. He said “you don’t have it in you to make a fierce creature.” I understand why he would think that. One side of my brain is about happy puppies and silly snakes, you can see at and the last time I tried to make a gargoyle, it came out like this:


So today, I tried something different, no thumbnails, no nothing but a brush and my own kind of automatic drawing of a griffin. At least with the outline, you can see where this painting is going. The griffin is high on top of a mountain, overlooking a valley below.

The sky is going to be dramatic with stars, and a sunset. The valley is going to be northern plains-like, with some hills in the distance to make the sun peak over the horizon.

At least there is a clear vision of the painting. The art adventure continues.

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