Artists With Little Time and Money

For those artists who do not get to paint or create very often, you are not alone. When I was younger the only time to paint was never, nor could afford too. My solution to the nagging creative side of the brain was to purchase a sketchbook and some pencils. The book was sketched in about once per week, elaborate drawings. Sketch books can last for a very long time if you take care of them, as well as give you a chunk 80 plus pages to play with. The trial and error sketches were drawn on cheap typing paper, or any scrap paper, which got thrown away. Eventually, it worked out to sketch a few times per week, and I took on whatever commissions that came my way. Usually, it would be portraits and favorite animals that paid from $10-$75. Savings eventually paid for some paints, brushes, easels, and other goodies. The point is, if you practice even with modest amount of time and materials, you will develop your art skills and give you a few more luxuries.