Golden Acrylics Disturbing Message about Covid-19 Virus

As you can read from Mark Golden’s message, the factories are now closed. They will not be shipping their products. Mr. Golden does not provide a date of when they will resume business.

Now, if you are are a full time artist who uses Golden Acrylics, I would be very concerned. I wonder if affects Golden’s other products such as QoR watercolors and Williamsburg Oils? Will other art manufacturers also halt production and shipment?

For full time artists, art supplies are necessary to create with. Stupidly obvious statement, but seriously needs to be said. The general public does not understand how much artists affect their daily lives. Everything that you have ever touched that was human made was first created by an artist.

By separating the artists from their tools, you remove humanity from the world.

The Americans for the Arts post is here. It will open a new window.

Golden Acrylics website is