Song Dog

Song Dog by Anawanitia, acrylic on paper
Song Dog by Anawanitia

Title: Song Dog
Artist: Anawanitia
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18 inches by 21 inches
Support: Watercolor paper

This was my fifth or sixth painting, which at the time, I had access to purple. I love coyotes, so it was natural to adorn at least one of my works with a cute wild cuddly.

Now the story of the coyote back in Native American lore is that the coyote had written the stories in the sky with the help of the hummingbird. The coyote principle is that they are a bit egotistical, highly intelligent, but also tends to self sabotage.

In the story of the coyote, he volunteered believing that he was the only one suited for the job to write about the sacred stories. The hummingbird poked the holes in the sky to let the light in to the letter of what coyote had instructed. But, the coyote forgot to put himself into the list of sacred animals in the sky!