Why Art?

Artist’s tools

Why art? Why Acrylic paints? Why Oil Paints? Why Watercolors? What brought you here today?

We are all teachers, we are all creators and most of all, we are all artists. And that is what it means to be human and why we were put here on Earth. We are hard wired to create. Whether it be baking a cake or fixing your hair in the morning. We create, you are an artist, as is every human in this planet.

Art is you, and you are art. Each and every human being is an artist and whether you agree or disagree, that is your right as an artist. We are all creators whether you are a field worker, teacher, or an executive. You have happened to come here as a painter, the cliché definition of an artist. You are all artists.

When a person comes up to you while you are painting outside, and the person makes a rude comment, it is your job as a human being to be patient and educate them. It is very tempting to be snide right back. Avoid that temptation. Be polite and tell them as a matter of fact, whatever the questions or comments may be. That is what we are put on this earth to do. Educate people, bring them up from an ignorant state to a new way of seeing. This is growth. You have done it all your life. Your parents raised you by teaching you the ways of their road, and how to avoid the problems they may have faced along their paths. And many of you have or are raising your own children through your life’s experiences. 

You have had many teachers through the educational system who taught you how to read, write and mathematics. Once you get out of that educational system, you will find you are still learning to this very day! Everything you do through experience is an education. And it is up to you to take what you have learned and teach the people who are willing to learn it. And they will be better than they were before they knew it, and you’ve done your part as human being. That is being human, this is being a creator. A creator is not content with lethargy. A creator is content when a creator is learning and doing. A creator is human and all humans are artists. Those people who are not willing to listen to you are, I guarantee, they are not happy with themselves on another level. Do not be angry with them, pity them. For they are not willing to see.

You come here to learn how to paint. Many of you are frustrated because you can’t figure out that angle, how to mix that color, or are fed up with the traditional style of teaching art. This is what I am put on Earth to do—paint and teach you how to paint. You can find a plethora of materials for you under  “Artists Resources” in the menu. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me via email or social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).