Why I Paint

Anawanitia’s Artist Easel

People have been painting since the beginning of time, yet verbal language changes over the decades, even if you speak English. Try reading a book written in English even 75 years ago. The articulation and expressions so different, it seems like it is almost a different language. But you can be looking at a picture of a dog eating food in almost any painting style, and an English speaker, Spanish speaker and a French speaker of any epoch will all know what you are trying to convey.  I firmly believe painting is a universal language, and you can make that language look infinitely beautiful.

There are items and ideas that reach the unconscious mind, these images are called archetypes. Every human on earth will know what they are even if they had never laid eyes upon it before, which makes these types of images powerful. I study archetypes, astronomy and ancient philosophies and put them together in paintings made with oil paints, acrylics paints or watercolors.