Creating A Painting

Think of all the possibilities that can happen in a painting. When creating any type of painting, be it oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics and gouache, you are visually telling a story in a single or multiple images.

Just as a child, when you thought more in pictures than with words, this technique has never left you, and it can be reawakened. In order to compose a painting well, an artist should know every element of the painting down to the brush stroke, and what they are saying in the story.

If, for instance, you are creating a landscape, and thinking, well, there’s a tree, a fence and a mountain, instead, think of it in more detail, and use both visual and word analogies to help bring it to your conscious mind.

Just past the rustic fence, there was a beautiful sky above a purple mounting. The sky was warm purple and yellow, and the clouds were on fire. This technique also enables the artist to paint more complex situations and stories, which brings the painting to life.

Write out your thoughts in a notebook, along with your drawings and studies. It makes your painting more rewarding for both you and your viewers.