20-year Progress

Anawanitia's 20-year art work progress.
20-year progress by Anawanitia

The image on the left is called We are the Exception, Not the Rule. This was inspired by Carl Sagan, the astrophysicist. I was heavily into astronomy, and as you can see, still am. This was my first real painting outside of high school. It was made with acrylics, I believe it was Winsor & Newton Galleria acrylics.

The painting on the right is called Urania vs. Ptolemy, created with high grade professional oil paint. This was inspired from an old astronomy book from the Johann de Scarobusco’s Textus de Sphaera that was printed in 1531 by Simon Colins, in Paris.

There was a small wood cut within this book, which I had adapted to my style. The wood cut was in a different style, it was line art. Think of it as a cover song. It’s not the same, but it is my take on the artwork. And apparently, the image was used in many astronomy books of the time.

My next series of paintings are not going to be related to astronomy as much. It is going to be more visual storytelling. These series I’ve been trying to realize since 2019, but this is a bigger feat for me than the Ptolemy painting. This is why I have been doing small observational works, so at least there is some work to show.

I hope you all stick around on this coming art adventure.