Do Something Absurd

Sasquatch called “Little Big Foot” by Anawanitia

When you play around with your paints long enough to get to know them like the back of your hand, make sure that you do not learn so much that you get bored with the experience. Basically do something that you have not done before. You will get frustrated and challenged to say the least, but you will learn something from it, and have some fun, hopefully. 

That was happening to me until my latest painting. A completely, at this time, absurd looking picture. I am trying to make Nut, Goddess of the Night Sky of Egyptian mythology, thus, I am starting out all black, sorta like turning on the invert on a portrait. THAT IS HARD! hahaha. Two new things I am doing with this picture. One, I am using a picture of a model (my best artsy friend, Sara, who is graciously wearing a very bad wig for me, cha). Two, I am changing the colors to the negative of what I am seeing. 

So far, I admit, it is looking as bad as an average high school painting. But I can honestly say, I am interested to see how it will develop and how I will get out of this predicament. So far, I went through about two ounces of artist’s white-out (Titanium White) and Mars Black. I know, I usually lecture on how you do not need to draw first and just sketch while you are painting…. I am considering rethinking that lecture for this type of painting, cha. I wasted a batch of paint that could have been saved had I not had a cold shoulder towards pencils. 

Charcoal by the way, shows through in acrylics, and it muddies the paints. Light color pencils and pastels do a better job. So, that is where I am at now. Usually, I can get a painting done within a day, this one I am starting the second eight-hour day… and I am still on the preliminary sketch, ugh! 

The painting at this point is so awful that I am not even going to show you. You win some, you loose some, hence the Sasquatch watercolor painting.

But all in all, I learned what not to do in a painting, and as an artist, grew a little bit. Keep playing, keep learning, and keep on painting!