Behind the Easel with Anawanitia

Howdy, and welcome to Colorful Easel! This is a “Behind the Easel with Anawanitia” post.

Even though I’ve been hiding behind my easel all spring and summer, this has been a busy time with many new projects. Regarding this site, I have been adding more content, make it more user friendly, and more secure. Sorry for that one weekend of downtime.

With the help of my beloved hubby, the SSL certificate has been properly installed, and will be good for the rest of my time on the planet working on this website. Unfortunately, websites are not a legacy, they are here as long as someone pays for the upkeep. Which brings me to my next point.

Little Treasures Series by Anawanitia

I am first and foremost, an artist. Regarding artwork, I have been making a new website, which focuses only on my gallery of original oil paintings for show and sell. The gallery might be just a page on this site. Regardless, the focus of Colorful Easel inspiring people to paint and create through the stories in an artist’s journal.

This site includes better artist resource page and more demonstrations.

I have taken a few commissions this month, which am in the middle of right now, actually, which another reason why you hadn’t seen any new paintings and posts.

Usually, this website, is updated regularly.

Until next time, happy painting! ♥️ Anawanitia