No Mercy For Bad Art

Destroyed painting.

While this seems extreme, it is not. I have very high standards when it comes to paintings, and right now, this painting is no where near it. This painting above had taken me two weeks to paint, but it is not up to standards. I want Maserati, I want Ferrari, but I’m barely making Geo Metros.

This is my fault, I totally understand. My focus has been in the past on Snootle (my comic strip), digital illustrations, comic books (yes really), and art instruction, hence this website. Because I constantly do other types of artwork, and set myself up to be an art instructor, painting has been on the back burner.

Now is the time I will be concentrating on oil painting and getting it to those elite standards. It might take some time, but I WILL GET THERE. No more cartoons, no more comic book illustrations, no more teaching art. My new gallery will be up soon, I have made a temporary website:

On a bright note, this canvas I use, is pretty sturdy, it took two times of really hard stabbings to even poke a hole. Very good news for my better paintings that survived the destruction.

I invite you to follow me on my artistic journey here at