October 2020 Art Stuff

Work in progress – oil painting of Sporks.

Hello all, I’m just doing a quick art journal post, letting you all know that I have more artworks in progress. Today I am working on an oil painting called Sporks, because, who doesn’t love sporks? My husband bought us some metal sporks, and they were so shiny and beautiful, that they have to be in an oil painting!

Finetec Coliro gold and silver watercolors, and the Victoriana Set made by the Manuscript Pen Company

Today, also, I received my calligraphy set, with gold flakes. I plan on doing some gorgeous watercolors with these. The calligraphy set was made in England and the gold and silver watercolors were made in Germany. The pens work well, as I’ve already tested it out with my other watercolors, totally nice. I may do a review on these items, but right now I can say the calligraphy set is very comfortable to work with, my hand after 20 minutes of playing around did not hurt as it would with a heavy glass pen (but I still prefer the weighed glass with the new nibs). If you are interested, the calligraphy set is called the Victoriana Set made by the Manuscript Pen Company. The watercolors is called Coliro by Finetec.