Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

– Dali


Greetings! My name is Anawanitia Petty (Tia), the artist and content creator of Colorful Easel!

“Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.”

– Me

Artist Resumé:

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Regarding the menu:

The Available Paintings will take you to the Colorful Easel Etsy shop. The paintings are made with professional artist materials, and are archival. Fine art is a life long journey of discovery and mastery.

Oil painting by Anawanitia

Art Journal provides art news, color theories, general art discussions, artistic philosophies, painting lessons, stories about my paintings, and artistic techniques for oils, watercolors, and other art mediums.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
– Napoleon Hill

Included in the Art Journal are Easel Shots ™ which are pictures of artist easels, and art works in progress on an easel. There is beauty in the creation of art, and it is inspirational to the creative process.


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
– Scott Adams

Further topics under the Art Journal menu item are thoughts about paintings and art about astronomy, Sacred Geometry, philosophy, mathematical theories, interesting gadgets, art book reviews, art movie reviews, other types of art such as digital illustrations. Also included in this section is Post-it Logic ™ which are famous quotes that are hand written on a stick note and attached to an easel.

Under the menu item Cartoons you will find my comics, cartoons and funny pictures. Snootle is my cartoon and comic strip. Snootle is about a melodramatic puppy dog, an opinionated garden snake and their human. The main site is http://snootle.com.

Basil Fuzzybottom is a hamster with a sense of adventure and a real travel bug. He tours all places of the world to experience new foods, culture, music and entertainment. Basil uses his hamster ball to ride around safe through his travels. He loves to take pictures of himself in front of interesting locations.

Introducing Basil Fuzzybottom, the traveling hamster.

The story of Basil Fuzzybottom began on August 7, 2018 at ColorfulEasel.com, by Tia Petty.


Another love of mine is playing the guitar. Music is an art! Under the Guitar menu item you will find theories of music, guitar tabs and lessons, and more.

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.
– Robert Fripp


Solar Eclipse Diamond by Anawanitia

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.
– Carl Sagan

I hope you enjoy this blog, as much as I enjoy creating it!