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Anawanitia Petty

Artist: n. 1. Adept in learned arts. 2. a. Creates imaginative art. b. Skilled in fine art. c. A painter. 3. A musician or performer.

Anawanitia Petty is a fine artist, author, guitarist and a cartoonist. Anawanitia is a Cherokee name.

Art Resumé

• About the Paintings •

There is a mystique regarding oil paintings that is deeply engrained in the human psyche. Anawanitia’s paintings portray ancient philosophies, mysticism, mythology, archaeoastronomy, and esoteric wisdom especially pertaining to the firmament of heaven and sacred geometry. The Art Gallery displays her fine art. Bantam Diaries are little paintings about the daily life and thoughts of an artist.

• About the Cartoons •

Originally hired as an editorial cartoonist at The Big Bear Grizzly newspaper in 2002, she continued creating cartoons ever since. Tia Petty has two books called Snootle and Snootle In: How To Treat Your Puppy. You can read Snootle at or enjoy the current funnies such as Basil Fuzzybottom™ and her editorial cartoons here at