Title: Nebulous Artist: Anawanitia Medium: Oil Support: Stretched Canvas Size: 12x9 inches Date Completed: 2012 Framed: Unframed Window to the universe, a black hole, the fire of life giving birth through the nebula. A gentle milk snake encircles the gateway to the universe as a symbol of infinity. There are many ways you can meditate … Continue reading Nebulous

Divine Plan

Title: The Divine Plan Artist: Anawanitia Medium: Watercolor Support: Watercolor Paper Size:  9x12 inches Date Completed: July 22, 2015 Framed: Unframed How would you go about designing and creating the Earth, sun, moon, and heaven above? This is a bit of a flight of fancy for me, and it was a first watercolor painting in … Continue reading Divine Plan


Title: Scorpio Artist: Anawanitia Medium: Acrylic Support: Stretched Canvas Size: 18x24 inches Date Completed: November 2010 Framed: Unframed As you have probably guessed by now, I like to put numerous meanings into my paintings. I created this particular piece for a show called Scorpio. Obviously, there is a scary scorpion featured. But behind the scorpion, … Continue reading Scorpio

Great Mystery

Private Collection Title: Great Mystery Artist: Anawanitia Medium: Acrylics Support: Watercolor Paper Size: 18x24 inches Date Completed:  Early 2000s Framed: Unframed At the time of creating this painting I was heavily into researching the stars through ancient Egyptian eyes. The hieroglyphs are real, and the messages says “How can we be so conceited as to … Continue reading Great Mystery