App Scrap

My favorite iPad apps. With my writings on the iPad Warrior series, there is a bit of warning. Apps get scrapped frequently. So be very wary about giving your hard earned money an app, you need to think about number one, and how it will affect your projects in both the short run and the … Continue reading App Scrap

Color Consistency

Keep your pigments consistent with each medium you choose to use. Whether your preference is acrylics, oils, pastel, watercolor and/or colored pencils, your knowledge of color mixing will greatly increase if you keep the palettes the same. In other words, don't buy the sets, buy individually. This will cost more, but will greatly benefit your … Continue reading Color Consistency

Be You

The problem with the fine art business, particularly New York, is that they are searching for the new Picassos, Warhols, and Dalis. They will not find them. It is happening to music, and writers and any professional position where there are some gurus at the top. And do you know what is happening? Us. We … Continue reading Be You

Art News Today Dec. 7, 2018

We don’t work for just exercise, pay us fairly! New York is the place to be for more than two dozen art exhibits... And another iconic website is swallowed up, ... A thousand paintings get hung... When Instagram irritates Art Writers...