Chroma Atelier Interactive Artist’s Acrylics

Chroma Atelier Interactive Artist’s Acrylics, photo from Chroma Atelier Interactive Artist's Acrylics will be great for some artists. They give you a generous supply of paint in their 80 ml plastic tubes. Those artists whom are experimental with mediums will love this paint. All of their claims are true, however, be sure to read … Continue reading Chroma Atelier Interactive Artist’s Acrylics

Red Tape

Red Tape by Anawanitia Not Available Title: Red TapeArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: Red duct tape on stretched canvasSize: 10 inches by 8 inchesDate: Feb. 13, 2020Signed: on backNot framed I struggled with this piece. On the surface and my artistic principle, the art is garbage and was laughing all day about it. I feel that modern art … Continue reading Red Tape

Life Eternal

Life Eternal, oil painting by Anawanitia Available! Title: Life EternalArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: OilSize: 9 inches by 12 inches Support: Stretched canvasNot framed This is my favorite painting. The colors are vibrant, and I put my favorite milk snake as the ouroboros, which is my haha, that pays homage to the Milky Way galaxy. An ouroboros has … Continue reading Life Eternal

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom by Anawanitia Available Title: Ancient WisdomArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: AcrylicsSize: 8 inches by 10 inchesSupport: 140lb. watercolor paperNot framed This original painting is a bit more whimsical than my other paintings. It is an inspirational piece that depicts the ocean of possibility on parchment paper. It has the constellation Ursa Minor also known as The … Continue reading Ancient Wisdom

Seed of Life

Seed of Life by Anawanitia. Watercolor on 8x10" paper Available Title: Seed of LifeArtist: AnawanitiaMedium: WatercolorSize: 8 inches by 10 inchesSupport: 140lb. watercolor paperDate completed: June 13, 2018 Not framed Seed of Life is a Sacred Geometry symbol created with a compass, professional watercolors and a love of color. This is a whimsical landscape in … Continue reading Seed of Life