Glossary – E-G

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Easel – A support often made of wood or metal that holds a canvas, canvas panel or board. See also Box Easel.

En Plein Air – see Plein Air

Emery board – A mixture of corundum and magnetite which is coated onto a piece of plastic, wood or cardboard, which is used as an abrasive for filing. Any non-metal nail file.

Erasing shield – A thin metal object with various holes and slots to aid in erasing specific areas of a picture.

Expressionism – A 20th century art of all kinds that attempted to depict emotional states.


Fan blender – A brush that is in the shape of a fan, used to blend wet or dry media on a support, such as canvas or paper. 

Fauvism – French word for wild beast. An art movement that began in 1905 that conveys bright brush strokes and emotional states, much like expressionism, but with more focus on story.

Ferrule – the metal part of a paint brush that is attached to a wooden handle and holds the hair. 

Filbert brush – A brush that is like a flat brush, but with a rounded edge at the top.

Fillers –  Substances such as chalk or more binder that added to paint in order for the manufacturer to save a dollar. This is generally reserved for student grade paints.

Flat Brushes – A rectangular shaped brush that produces lines, squares and rectangles.

Fluorescent – Bright colors that seemingly glow in the sun or under blacklight.

Focal Point – The focus of a painting.

Format – The shape of the picture as a whole. Traditionally it is rectangle either vertical or horizontal but it can also be a square, asymmetrical, circular, triangular shape.

French Easel – See Box Easel. French easels are no longer made in France. Roger Jullian during World War II created this easel while he was a French prisoner.

Fresco – Paint that is applied to wet plaster, esp. in murals.

Futurism – An Italian art movement that began in 1909 that emphasized the worries of the future of modern day living.


Galkyd – Gamblin Oil Color manufacturer’s name for Alkyd resin.

Gamblin – Gamblin Oil Color is a paint manufacturer. 

Genre Painting – Art that depicts the mundane.

Gesso – A base coat paint used for preparation of a surface for painting in oils, acrylics and other wet media.

Glazing – A technique that uses transparent or translucent paint over another color.

Gradient – an artistic technique that transitions one color to another color.

Gouache – Opaque watercolor, also known as body color.

Graded Tones – See gradient.

Golden – Acrylic paint manufacturer.

Grid – Used for drawing and painting, created with horizontal and vertical lines in order to properly place objects within a picture.

Ground – A base coat of absorbent paint on any surface. that is usually made with acrylic that is painted on a surface 

Grumbacher – Artist material manufacturer.

Gothic – Art and architecture from the 1300s through the 1600s in Europe that consists richly intricate designs of a sombre nature. Known for high vaulted cathedrals.

Grand Tour – During the 17th through 19th centuries, this was part of an educational program that took students around Europe in order to educate them on classical art and architecture.

Gum Arabic – Sap from the Acacia tree. It is used as the binder in water based media such as watercolor and gouache.