Glossary H-J

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Happy Accident – Generally refers to the unintentional making of blooms, splashes, back runs, in a painting, particularly in watercolors. The happy part refers to the interest and texture that it creates in a painting. Bob Ross also said “We don’t make mistakes, we just make Happy Accidents”.

Harmony – A pleasing balance in a painting or color scheme.

Hyper-Realism – Extreme representational accuracy depicted with traditional art media such as oils, watercolors or pencils.

Hue – a color or shade within a picture.


Iconography – devotional art.

Illumination – Adding gold leaf to a picture.

Illusions – A deception of the senses in this case, fooling your eyes to see something it really isn’t. See also Optical Illusions.

India Ink – Black ink created with carbon.

Impressionism – An art movement that began in France in the 1860s that is still going strong today. The art depicts both the emotional and physical world with large painterly brushstrokes.


Juxtaposition – two objects or ideas placed side by side, but having a contrasting argument.