Glossary K-M

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Lightfast – The ability for a pigment to withstand light without fading.

Liner Brush – A thin but small brush used for long continuous strokes.

Linseed Oil – Binder used in oil paint. Comes from flax seed.

Local Color – A rather dull movie about an aging artist and a young artist with 1990’s “The Wonder Years” voice overs. Ugh. In paint terms, it really means the base color of an object before you add shade and highlights.


Mannerism – An artwork that depicts strange perspective and distorted figures.

Mask – See also Stencil

Matte Color – A color that is chalky and dull in appearance.

Matt and Matting- A cardboard cutout placed around an image as a border. Generally used to space a painting from the glass of a frame.

Medium – This has a variety of meanings. One, it refers to the art material of choice to produce a picture, such as oils, pastel, watercolors, pencil, etc. Two; it refers to the additives to the medium in question, which alters the properties of a given medium such as the addition of copal to thin oil paint.

Mineral Spirit – A type of paint thinner.

Minimalism – Art movement that has basic elements

Modernism – This is applied to all arts; rejects the old world and favors the innovative.

Monochromatic – One or a couple of similar colors that is made with only light and shade.

Mood – How the artist makes the observer feel.