Glossary R-S

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Realism – Two meanings of art, one it means depicting the mundane life, and two it means representational accuracy in a painting. See also Hyper-Realism.

Reception – Generally, a gathering of art collectors (or moochers) that pre-dates an art show.

Round Brush – Not really round, this brush is long and tapered, used to make lines and dots.

Residencies – A dedicated apartment building where artists and musicians live.


Saturation – Intensity of color, or lack thereof

Scale – See tonal value.

Script Liner Brush – A long tapered brush that enables thin continuous strokes.

Scumble – An artist made up term for scrubbing in or glazing on an opaque color onto a transparent color.

Silhouette – A solid colored image

Shadow box – A box frame that a picture sits within that causes a three dimensional effect.

Solvent – Used to thin paints

Spatter – Technique in paintings that is the splattering wet paint.

Split Complimentary – See complimentary.

Stained Glass – An art technique of using colored glass to create a mosaic that is best seen with light behind it.

Stencil – A pattern or design, such as letters that are cut into a sheet of paper, plastic, metal or board with the purpose of reproducing onto a surface with inks or paints.

Still Life – A painting of immovable, unchanging objects, generally items that are placed on a table, with a constant, even light source.

Studio – A place to paint. See Atelier.

Symmetry – a painting that has a pleasing balance proportion.

Surrealist – Painter of dreams and imagination.