Glossary T-V

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Tempera – also called Egg Tempera, this is a painting medium created with egg yolk and pigment, that is dispersed with water.

Tertiary colors – When two primary colors are mixed at equal portions, such as blue and red, then the tertiary color will be purple. There are three tertiary colors, purple, green and orange.

Texture – The implementation of different techniques, items, media or tools to create interesting effects in the paint. Smooth, grainy, transparent, translucent, flat solid color, splatter, etc.

Tracing paper – A translucent piece of paper that enables you to see the image that is placed beneath it in order to trace the image.

Tonal Value – there is a black and white artist tool used in painting, generally from 1 to 9, white to black. The tonal value is where any particular color lies along that scale.

Tone – Light and shade in a picture.
Turpentine – A volatile paint thinner and brush cleaner. Also known as ’turps’.

Underpainting – Generally done for oil paints using quick drying earth tones, or water media. This is to set the stage of the painting, work out any problems before adding subsequent colors or the dead layer.

Unity – how objects interact in a harmonious way with each other within a painting.


Value – the lightness or darkness of a particular color.

Varnish – A protective layer that is sprayed or brushed on to a painting.

View Finder – A rectangle drawing aid that enables you plot out the area you want to paint, especially in a landscape.

Vehicle – The part of the paint or other art media that enables an artist to move the pigment around on the surface. In acrylics and watercolors, the vehicle is water; in oil paint the vehicle is oil.

Vertical – see Format